Saturday, October 16, 2010

Penelope Garcia inspiration

OK so i was completely in love with Penelope's make up on Criminal minds this week. She is probably my favorite character on tv(abby from NCIS is also another favorite of mine). once i saw her purple and pink eyes i knew i wanted to recreate it, but add my spin. i added a little gold on the corners to highlight my eyes.

ok so totally disregard the little hairs on my face in this pic. lol I didn't even know i still had hair on my face from work. hazard of being a hair stylist. Always having someone else's hair on my body ICK!!!!!!!!


  1. We DEFINITELY will get this place back up and running hun!!! And I know what you mean about the Glasses Glare on webcams! Blargh!
    I have so much to post I am just waiting to get all my looks for this one part done... Blah!!! Lol I have 3 of my 6 looks done for it... Maybe I will do the final 3 this week... I may aswell do a video LOL!
    <3 Kayla

  2. i can't seem to figure out why the audio is a little off on my video. ugh!!!

  3. I have no clue hunny. Maybe just cam acting up for a little bit. or it didnt save properly