Monday, April 12, 2010

Kayla Update

I do realize I have been really slacking on this but I am having a killer 2 weeks...
Between work, the kidlet, friends, prepping for the HIM concert and whatnot, I have had NO time for this place..
So here is a little update...
Tomorrow I have a HIM concert, aswell as on Wednesday... I cannot wait... I WILL post my makeup from both days for you lovely people...
As you all know, 2 weeks ago I dyed my hair... Well lets just say, Color Fiend hair dye SUCKS MASSIVE MONKEY C*&%!!!! It was nearly completely faded a week later... So I went to bleach my hair and AGAIN it did not take... Like seriously my hair is now a light golden blonde when it is supposed to be like PLATINUM blonde... One of my friends who does hair here does not understand why my hair is being a stubborn little b!tch!!!!
So tomorrow before the concert, I will be going back to Punky Color for my awesome hair...
Ummmmm I haven't really accumulated anything new so I have nothing to show you...
But yea... Hope everything is going well with all of you and you arent as stressed as I am lately...
My friend who was coming with me to the away HIM show hasnt contacted me in 2 weeks... He was dealing with the hotel and was the driver... I was dealing with the tickets... So in the past 2 days I have had to find a new ride, find out if the VIP tickets were transferrable, find a buyer, etc... So needless to say, between stress and possibly bad food last night, I was up at 4:30 this morning puking my guts out... I hope you are all better than that and I must be off to finish my list of things for the night... I still have to clean my makeup brushes and paint my nails.... And maybe organize my makeup so I know where everything is for while doing my concert makeup...
Kat, I WILL have pictures from the concert posted on Thursday... I will put a sneak preview on here and the rest on my facebook for you

SOOOOO been trying to up the 2nd shows pics but facebooks being a slut... SO asap..

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Amy Nicoletti inspiration(Kat)

I did my makeup and today for once. I forgot to get a picture of yesterday's which i used some of my Kat Von D makeup. Speaking of Kat Von D Today's Makeup is inspired by Amy Nicoletti who was on LA ink for a bit before she quit. I fell in love with her eyeshadow. she does it so flawlessly. SO I gave a crack at it and added a little bit of my own flare by incorporating my signature cat eye.

Makeup Used:

Bare Steady Paint Pot by MAC
Gesso eyeshadow by MAC
Passionate eyeshadow by MAC
Black Tied eyeshadow by MAC
Black Track Fluid line eyeliner by MAC
Dark Brow Filler by Hot Topic
Liquid Dream Matte Mousse Foundation by Maybelline
White Face Powder by Hot Topic
Fresh Moroccan lipstick by MAC

Friday, April 2, 2010

Reviews (Kayla)

Proliss by ISO straightener

Tarte Face Primer